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Creativity in Church

One of the things I hope to use this blog for is to jot down ideas as I have them which I will then hopefully develop in the future so if some of the things here don’t seem particularly thought through then that’s why!

I have been thinking about the place of creativity in church, partly prompted by reading an article on the Moot Website.  It struck me that, even in our most creative services very few people are actually being creative, most people in the congregation are just ‘consumers’ of the creativity.  there are very few opportunities in our services for members of the congregation to participate creatively.

One of the things I do as  Music Outreach Minister is conduct a fortnightly Windband for adults, we don’t do concerts, we don’t play anything particularly difficult, it’s just a chance for anyone to come along and have fun making music together.  One of the great things about this group is the variety of people and instruments we have, ranging from grandparents to college students, absolute beginners to experienced professionals, from tubas and trombones to flutes and 3 types of saxophone!

It struck me last night as we were practicing that this is a model of how Churches should be.  Everyone is welcome whatever their level of skill or experience, everyone’s contribution is important regardless of how ‘good’ it is, everyone has the opportunity to contribute their particular skills and gifts to the activity of the whole group, there are no spectators – everyone is involved. My role as ‘leader’ is just to bring it all together and encourage everyone to give their best, however that looks.

Too often in Church the majority of people are just spectators watching the leaders ‘perform’, the challenge here is how do we turn our churches into orchestras where everyone’s gifts, skills, experience and contribution comes together into a glorious symphony of praise to God? I don’t know the answer but I’m going to keep searching!


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  1. Firstly i am on the blog roll 🙂 woop woop!
    Secondly i love that concept of how church should be! I mean i totally agree its a challenge to get everyone involved in some shape or form and to get it to run in perfect harmony but it has to be worth it! There has got to be a way to do this and i would love to discuss how to do that.

  2. Yeah I think we’ve started to lose creativity in church in general. Especially in worship we’ve got into a rut of a certain style of music led from the front, a spectator sport, something that can be consumed for our needs. Similarily it’s something I’ve been thinking about, how we can be more creative during a church service that will people actively particpating. I found this site recently which has a few reasonable ideas,

    Look forward to reading some of your ideas especially in music outreach.


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