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The old violin

Lucie’s gran used to tell us the most hillarious stories, they would last forever because she would go off on tangents and end up telling us a completely different story before getting back to her original one.  One of our favourites was about when she was about 9 or 10 she used to have violin lessons, she was never very good because she didn’t practice and just wiggled her fingers around until she got the right notes. She used to go for lessons at someones house which had a dance studio on the floor above the music room.  She said that it was hard trying to play violin when there was a herd of young elephants dancing around above your head!

She died last year and when Lucie’s mum was sorting out the house she found the old violin that gran used to play.  it didn’t have any strings or tuning pegs or even a fingerboard, it was just a shell.  She asked if we could get it restored but we decided that it was not worth it so we have put it up on our wall instead!  Anyway when we got the violin I thought that the symbolism and story behind this would make a good song so I wrote one!

Musically it went through about a dozen variations before settling on this one, with a strong nod to the music of C.W.Stoneking.  Enjoy!

*  *  *  *  *

There in the corner, lying alone

battered and bruised, the violin’s bones

It sits there waiting for a tune to be played

But it’s lost it’s voice somewhere on the way

Memories of melodies echoing round

Of Beethoven and Mozart, such glorious sounds

Fingers caressing the long lost strings

on the battered remains of the old violin


Silenced forever the dreams live on

In the shape and the shadow, though the strings are long gone

Dreams of the future, dreams of the past

Dreams of returning to music at last

Notes that last sounded so many years before

It dreams of playing with joy once more

But the notes that for so long were hidden within

Only echoes remain in the old violin


So dust off your music and start up a song

Play a bit louder, we’ll all sing along

Just blow on your trumpet and bang on your drum,

A root-a-toot-toot and pa-rum-pa-pum-pum

Forget all your worries, forget all your cares

Forget the young elephants dancing upstairs

One dream ends as another begins

Only shadows remain on the old violin


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