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‘A Church that proclaims Jesus’ sermon

A Church that proclaims Jesus

All Saints Celebration, 25th October 2009 AM

  • Recap sermon series – What kind of Church is God calling us to be?
    • A Church with a vision
    • A Church involved in community
    • A Church which is an accepting community
    • A Church with a heart for the world’s poor
    • A Church which speaks out for the persecuted
    • A Church blessed through giving
    • A Church which blesses others
    • A Church which proclaims Jesus
    • A Church whose members live forever.
  • Why a Church that proclaims Jesus?
    • For the reasons let’s look at gospel reading – Matthew 3:13-17 (p.915)
    • Imagine the scene…
      • Like something out of Doctor Who!
    • Unusual in the New Testament for God to speak like this, must have had a good reason!
    • What does He say?
    • This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased” (13 words)
    • This is my Son – God ‘proclaims Jesus’, He tells everyone who Jesus is
    • Whom I Love – He tells them because He loves Jesus
    • With Him I am well pleased – He tells them because of what Jesus has done
    • So there are 2 reasons why we should be a Church that proclaims Jesus
      • Because we love Him!
      • Because He is amazing!
  • Because we love Him (and He loves us!)
    • Activity – think of something/someone you love, tell the person next to you something about them
      • could be partner/children/football team/band/artist/view/film/TV show
      • e.g. West Wing!
    • When we love something/someone it is easy to talk about them
      • I could find a way to mention the west wing in most conversations!
    • How much more should this be the case with our love for God?!
    • So let’s encourage each other to talk about this love for Jesus that we’ve found, the love that Rhian has found and wants to declare today, the love that we pray Jonah, Matthias and Rebecca will come to know as they grow up.
  • Because He’s amazing
    • God says he is “well pleased with Jesus”, this is the beginning of His ‘ministry’ before He has done any miracles/teaching etc.
    • Seems strange? Let’s look at 2nd reading – Colossians 1:15-23
    • More to Jesus than meets the eye!
    • The more we get to know Jesus the more we discover we don’t know about Him
      • John meets Jesus in Revelation 1
    • one of the best attempts to describe Jesus was made by American preacher S.M.Lockridge, see if you think he does it justice!
  • Video – That’s my king
  • God is calling us to be a Church that proclaims Jesus
    • This is what sets the Church apart.
    • Can be in/part of/member of:
      • a company and have a vision
      • Local government and be involved in community
      • Alcoholics Anonymous and be an accepting community
      • Tearfund and have a heart for the world’s poor
      • Amnesty International and speak out for the persecuted
      • Rotary club and bless through giving
    • All these are important and the Church should absolutely do all these but if we don’t proclaim Christ with our words and with our actions as we do these things are we really a Church?
    • Our actions can do good now, they can change lives and even save lives now but we believe that there is something greater to come.
    • We believe God wants us to spend all eternity in Heaven with Him
    • For this simply being good isn’t enough
    • being part of a Church isn’t enough!
    • Only knowing and loving Jesus is enough
    • If you want to find out more:
      • have a word with me or Graham after the service,
      • Prayer at the front – green lanyards
      • Next week, explore this further
    • But for now let’s remember that we must be a Church that proclaims Jesus for the benefit of those who don’t yet know Him and, ultimately, for His glory.

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