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I was preaching in Church this morning and instead of doing a talk I decided to write a song!

The topic was ‘perseverance’ so I wrote the song from the perspective of someone who is struggling and it’s kind of a prayer.

Here is the recording from the service

. .

What happened? Why is this so hard?
It wasn’t like this at the start
It used to be so simple, Lord, it used to be such fun
But right now nothings happening
I keep on trying, keep on working
but it seem so dry oh Lord, I don’t know what’s gone wrong


I tell my friends about you but they never seem to care
I try to love them with your love but they don’t know I’m there


What’s happened? Have I got it wrong?
Was I mistaken all along?
Were you calling someone else? Did I misunderstand?
I knew I wasn’t good enough
I’m just not made of the right stuff
I never should have tried when I was always going to fail


This mission is too big for me to carry on my own
I took it on and felt so strong but now I’m all alone
The world has turned against me and I don’t know what to do
I haven’t got the strength inside to see this mission through


So give this task to someone else, you got it wrong before
I thought it was for me but I don’t want it anymore
Just give me something easier where I can see results
for all I’ve done here nothings changed
and God it’s all your fault!


But maybe, maybe I’m the one
who’s got this situation wrong
perhaps I need to change the way I think about this stuff
What if you’re not calling me
to change the world dramatically
What if loving you and loving others is enough?


You want me to sow seeds but you’re the one who makes them grow
And maybe some of them bear fruit in ways I’ll never know


Lord you’re the one who made all this
but I’ve been so caught up I’ve missed
the fact that you’ve allowed me to be part of your great plan
You love the world so dearly that
You sent Your son to bring it back
to be with you the way you wanted it when time began


So thankyou Lord for letting me join in with what you do
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done for me and not for you
I’ll tell my friends about you even when they do not care
I’ll love them with your love until they can’t deny you’re there


And even when it’s hard and all my labours seem in vain
I’ll come to you who was and is and always is the same
So help me to remember that whatever I go through
I’m never serving me, oh Lord,
I’m always serving you…

. .


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