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Advent candle poem 2

Through Advent I will be performing a series of poems at Church as we light the candles on our advent crown.

Here are the lyrics for the second one based on Revelation 4 (the words in brackets are whispered):


As we move deeper into advent

[holy holy holy]

We strain our eyes towards the dawn

[holy holy holy]

To see a shard, a flicker, a fragment

[holy holy holy]

Of Heaven in the coming morn

[holy holy holy]

So we light these candles, not one but two

[holy holy holy]

To remind us that the day draws nearer

[holy holy holy]

When He will be revealed anew

[holy holy holy]

And we will see Him so much clearer

[holy holy holy]

But now we wait, we watch , we pray

[holy holy holy]

As advent slowly passes by

[holy holy holy]

And we await that glorious day

[holy holy holy]

When with countless angels we’ll cry

Holy Holy Holy…


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