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Croatia musings

We recently went on a mission trip to Croatia with bless, while we were there I wrote a few bits and bobs which I have finally got round to putting up here!

You can see more stuff from this trip and other bless activities here



“It’s the thought that counts!”


Sometimes just to be here is enough

To spend time with those

Who day by day

Week by week

Year by year

Serve the community which we can but glimpse

In a solitary week

Yet to be here is enough


We are not here to transform the community

Nor should we try

We are here to give a boost

To what is already happening

And to give encouragement

To those already here


God is working here

They are working here

And now we are here

And sometimes just to be here is enough




“First impressions of Brod”


Brick by brick it heals

A city on the mend

With wounds from bitter wars

That threatened not to end


Step by fragile step

The recovery starts

But plaster cannot cover over

This city’s broken heart


To the passer by it seems

A vibrant, thriving place

But this beauty is a widow

Putting on a brave face


These centuries bound by war

And struggling for release

Have left it struggling once again

This time unsure quite how to live in peace




“day 3”

Walk down into town

Graffiti scrawled on the walls

Praying feet coat the street

Hot drink, time to think

Team lunch – great bunch

Kids laugh, girls do crafts

Plaster peeling, boys paint ceiling

Out for tea, pizza for me

Walk back along the track

Dogs bark in the dark

Wind down, tea all round

Enough said, time for bed!


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