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quotes from “Life’s Big Questions”

I’m helping run a ‘Life’s big questions’ course at Church, it’s great fun and really refreshing talking about the gospel with people who haven’t been going to Church all their lives!  there were some great quotes tonight and I wanted to write them down here before I forget them!

“I asked myself ‘Why did God wait until I was 40 to speak to me, why couldn’t he have done it when I was 20 then I could have done things so much better’, However I realised that it wasn’t until I was 40 that I started to listen to him!”

Talking about Jesus’ resurrected body and the fact that the disciples didn’t recognise him:
“Maybe he was just more relaxed? People often look completely different when they’re not stressed.  I’ve not read the whole bible -I’ve only got as far as Luke – but it seems like the last week was pretty stressful!”


I think sometimes we overcomplicate things and try to explain them too precisely, maybe we just need to enjoy the story and focus on following Jesus and being more like Him.


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