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The bible as Sonnet

At Spring Harvest this year the daily themes were the bible as Sonnet, Symphony, Screenplay and Streetmap,i wasn’t sure I could write a symphony in 5 days so I thought I’d have a go at a sonnet instead!


At God’s command the universe was born;
A symphony of colour, light and sound.
Then life in all its myriad different forms
Sprang up, and in God’s image man was crowned.
But freedom and temptation left love spurned,
As God’s call went unheeded by his own.
From time to time the faithful would return
Then fall again, some other to enthrone.
But God did not give up or turn His face,
Despite the countless tears He must have cried.
Instead He stepped into this messed up place
Where Jesus lived, and laughed, and loved, and died.
So now he calls us children, His beloved
with love’s great riches ours to be discovered


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