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my 2011 ‘to-do’ list – update!

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So we’re over 5 months into 2011 now and it feels like a good time to see how I’m doing on my 2011 to-do list (original post here).  I’ve scored each one out of 10 but please bear in mind that this is purely an arbitrary figure based on how well I’ve done or plan to do and has mostly come off the top of my head!

Write 1 poem per week

Went well for the first 3 weeks then failed miserably! have probably written about half a dozen this year so far. 2.5/10

Write 1 song per month

Failed spectacularly! 0/10

Bake every recipe from the River Cottage Bread Handbook

Doing pretty well on this one, have made several from each section of the book and regularly try new ones, definitely on course to get this done! 10/10

Make a successful Sourdough

I did make one from scratch and got a couple of nice loaves from it before I killed it when we moved house!  When I did a course at the School of Artisan Food in Worksop I was able to take away some of their sourdough and have managed to keep it going and bake with it regularly. 9/10 

Build a bread oven somewhere

Ok this is a bit of a cheat, I haven’t actually built one but the lovely people at All Saints were very generous when we left and with our leaving gift we were able to buy a brilliant pizza oven from Bernito Pizza Ovens who are based in Telford.  8/10

Make at least 1 thing from ever copy of Delicious Magazine

We cancelled our subscription to Delicious earlier this year but I did cook something from every magazine while we were recieving it! 8/10

Have people round for dinner parties more often

Hard to quantify ‘more often’ but it feels like we’ve had people round quite a bit considering we haven’t had a house since February! Definitely plan to do this lots when we move to Bristol.  7/10

Have Cream Tea in Ironbridge with Cath and Tom

We’ve been to Ironbridge with Cath and Tom a couple of times, can’t remember if we had cream tea or not but it seems pretty likely! 9/10

Eat Spaghetti Bolognaise in Bologna

Haven’t done this and out summer travel plans have changed a bit since we wrote this list so we’re not going to be going to Bologna after all.  Hope to do this sometime in the future though.  0/10

Have a proper conversation in French

Have had a few practice conversations in French with Lucie which is quite fun!  This Sunday we leave for 6 weeks in France so there should be ample opportunities while we’re there.  5/10

Learn more about renewable energy production

Haven’t done a huge amount of research on this but I have been reading Local Sustainable Homes from the Transition network which has quite a lot of information on this area. 7/10

Go camping with Charlie

Not yet but we will be camping in France and also at Greenbelt and Soul Survivor later in the year.  3/10

Sing with Lucie more often

Again this is hard to quantify but we have sung together a bit (or absolutely loads if you count singing ‘Bob the builder’ and ‘Thomas and his friends’!) 6/10

Blog more regularly

nope, rubbish! 1/10

Play cricket

No but I have been listening to Test Match Special this week! 1/10

Finish reading Shantaram

Yes, brilliant book, highly recommended! 10/10

~ ~ ~

Overall score – 5.4/10

Pretty good seeing as we are only 5 months into the year!


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