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Christingle song

Not being a fan of some of the Christingle songs that are available I decided to write my own this year!

To the tune of ‘While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night’
While shepherds watch and angels sing
And wise men journey on
Each part of our Christingle tells
A tale of what God’s done
He made the world and it was good
He crafted it with care
This orange globe reminds us of
The world that we all share
And wrapped around the world he made
This ribbon is a sign
That God’s great love for all of us
Surrounds us all the time
From north, south, east and west
In summer, winter, autumn, spring
These sweets remind us that God fills
The world with all good things
And into this world that he made
Our God himself was born
To be a light to all the world
On that first Christmas morn

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  2. Love the song! Will pester you to sing it to me when I see you! Love and hugs x


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