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12 things to do in 2012!

After the moderate success of my ‘2011 to-do list’ here are my ’12 things to do in 2012!’


1) Only buy meat that we know has been looked after properly

2) Regularly bake bread to give away to others

3) Cook pizza in my pizza oven for some kind of public event

4) Grow vegetables successfully

5) Learn to make salami

6) Read something by Charles Dickens

7) Read something from the Bible every day

8) Write a poem a week (or at least do better than 2011 when I only wrote 8!)

9) Hand all my essays in early

10) Do something significant for Lent

11) Learn to play the Grade 5 Jazz Piano pieces

12) Use technology (especially my phone) less


So they’re my aims for this year, what are yours?!

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  1. Sounds amazing! I hope it all goes exceptionally well! 🙂

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