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Maundy Thursday service

I think Maundy Thursday is one of my favourite days in the Church year.  It offers a chance to look afresh at something that is at the core of our weekly worship –  the Last Supper.  The story is so familiar as we retell it almost every week in communion but sometimes that familiarity can mean we don’t engage with it as much as we should.  Maundy Thursday gives an opportunity to dwell more deeply on that familiar story and allow it to speak to us anew.


I have been privileged to be able to lead several Maundy Thursday services over the past few years and each one has been special in a different way.  This year we are celebrating our first Easter at St Andrews, Avonmouth, the church we are placed in while I am at theological college, and I am really excited about leading the Maundy Thursday service this Thursday.


This year we will be moving slowly through the story, pausing to reflect on five aspects:

Preparing for the story (preparations) – Luke 22:7-13

Entering the story (footwashing) – John 13:3-5, 12-17

Exploring the story (bread and wine) – Luke 22:14-20

Expanding the story (Holy Spirit) – John 14:15-17a, 25-27

Leaving the story (Going out) – Matthew 26:30


Each aspect will include the reading, a short reflection, a response/action and after each one we will sing this Taize chant together:

Stay with us o Lord Jesus Christ, night will soon fall
Then stay with us o Lord Jesus Christ, light in our darkness


Service sheet


I can’t wait!


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