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Palm Sunday – a retelling

Last week our pastoral group led the Thursday evening communion service at college and we explored how Jesus subverted the expectations people had of what the Messiah would do.  One of the ways we did this was by retelling three of the stories from Holy week to show how people might have expected Jesus to act.  The idea was partially inspired by The Orthodox Heretic by Pete Rollins.  I rewrote the Palm Sunday story, based on Matthew 21:1-9

~ ~ ~

As he approached Jerusalem the Messiah sent two of his servants ahead, saying “Go into the town ahead of you and you will find a royal chariot and a pair of fine stallions. You will bring them to me. If anyone questions your intentions, you know what to do.”

This took place to fulfil what had been written:
He who would conquer worlds must come with power,
With chariot and horse comes victory’s hour”

The servants did as the Messiah ordered. They brought the chariot and polished it until it gleamed like the midday sun. A large crowd was summoned from the city and were ordered to line the route with their cloaks. They were then ordered to cut down the branches from the trees, which would ordinarily have provided them with shade, to fan the Messiah as he passed.

The crowds, led by the Messiah’s guards, were chanting:
See, the glorious hero comes!
Sound the trumpets, beat the drums.
Have no mercy, mighty king
victorious one, all conquering!

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