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Maundy Thursday reflections

This was written for our Maundy Thursday service this evening.

~ ~ ~

I wonder how many meals you can remember? Cast your mind back to meals which stand out in your memory. Maybe you had a fancy meal at a really nice restaurant, maybe you once had a meal in a truly beautiful location, maybe you had a meal with a special group of friends, maybe you remember a first, or perhaps last, meal with a loved one.

Food connects us. It connects us with people, with places, with friends, with strangers. Jesus used food to connect with people as well. Think of the feeding of the five thousand, the dinner with all sorts of misfits at Zaccheus’ house, the barbecue on the beach after the resurrection. Jesus knew how important food is in connecting with people.

At the last supper Jesus knew this was the last time he would eat with these twelve friends and he knew he wanted to make it special. So he took the bread, the everyday bread they would have had with every meal, and said “every time you eat this, remember me”. And, to reinforce the point, he took the wine and again said “every time you drink this, remember me”.

He knew what he, and they, would be going through over the coming days and he knew that afterwards they would think back to this meal, this moment, and remember all that he had said and done. And in the years to come his friends would tell their friends, who would tell their friends, who would tell their friends, until two thousand years later we too gather to remember that meal. To remember that time and place and all that Jesus said and did.

So lets share this bread and wine together and remember those special meals which we have shared and cast our minds back to that meal all those years ago, remembering what Jesus went on to do for us.

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