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Baked eggs in Chorizo sauce with sweet potato chips


Some of the best meals we eat are preceded by the statement “we don’t really have much food, I’ll just knock something up”. Whether it’s the ‘ready, steady, cook’ ethos of a limited set of ingredients or just that we are forced to think outside our usual repertoire of meals, the few days before we get round to doing an online food shop are often when we have our most interesting meals.
This week we had one of those meals when horror of horrors we realised that we had run out of pasta! Pasta is pretty much the core of our diet so this was a bigger problem than you might think!
Fortunately Lucie saved the day by knocking up an amazing meal, inspired by a recent addition to the menu at the Boston Tea Party, our favourite local café.

Ingredients (served 3)
4 Shallots
5 cloves of Garlic
1/3 of a Chorizo
Small bowl leftover cooked Chicken (optional)
1 carton Passata
1tsp Smoked paprika
1tsp Lazy chilli
Generous glug of red wine vinegar
Squeeze of runny Honey
1tsp All spice
3 Eggs
3 sweet potatoes
Vegetable oil for frying
How to make it
1) roughly chop the Shallots, garlic and Chorizo and fry gently in rapeseed (or olive) oil.
2) chop up the chicken if using and add to the pan.
3) once the onions are nicely cooked add the rest of the ingredients apart from the eggs and sweet potatoes and simmer until the sauce starts to thicken.
4) meanwhile cut the sweet potatoes into chips, fry in batches in the vegetable oil then keep warm in a medium oven.
5) once all the chips are cooked and the tomato sauce has thickened, make 3 wells in the sauce and crack an egg into each well.
6) turn the heat up so the eggs cook but try and restrain yourself from stirring them! If needed finish the eggs off under the grill.
7) eat and enjoy!



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