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“12 things to do in 2012” review!

New years day seems like as good a time as any to have a look back at my list of  ’12 things to do in 2012′!

One thing that wasn’t on the list but was a definite highlight was Toby being born in May (so even if I failed at the rest of the list it was still a great year!)


Anyway, on with the rest of the list:

1) Only buy meat that we know has been looked after properly

We’ve done pretty well at this, buying meat mostly from the community farm where Charlie and I volunteer or a couple of good butchers.  The main consequence of this challenge was that we just eat a lot less meat generally now which is much better for us and for the environment! 9/10

2) Regularly bake bread to give away to others

I’ve baked quite a lot of bread for other people (church breakfasts, communion services etc.) so on one level I’ve done pretty well on this but I was kind of hoping to intentionally bake bread at home to give away to people who might appreciate it. 6/10

3) Cook pizza in my pizza oven for some kind of public event

I have used the pizza oven for a few parties and have taken it to college and baked bread for communion during the service (which was fun if rather wet!).  I was hoping to use it at a fair/farmers market but having looked into the regulations around being a caterer like that I’m not sure I’ve got the energy to do it properly! 4/10

4) Grow vegetables successfully

We managed to grow garlic, shallots, carrots and potatoes with varying degrees of success before having to move house in July. 10/10

5) Learn to make salami

I did make some salami and chorizo earlier in the year which was good fun, it tasted ok and I didn’t die so I think that counts as a success! 8/10


6) Read something by Charles Dickens

Failed! 0/10

7) Read something from the Bible every day

I’m not sure I did this every day but I have been a bit more intentional about reading it.  I have also said compline (night prayer) most nights and obviously the bible plays a fairly big part in that! 8/10

8) Write a poem a week (or at least do better than 2011 when I only wrote 8!)

Fail and fail! I think I wrote about 5 in the whole year! 1/10

9) Hand all my essays in early

Surprisingly enough I managed this! 10/10

10) Do something significant for Lent

I have a vague recollection that we did something for lent but to be honest I can’t for the life of me remember what it was! 2/10

11) Learn to play the Grade 5 Jazz Piano pieces

I have learned a couple of them and I do play the piano a lot at the moment but I haven’t managed to learn them all.  3/10

12) Use technology (especially my phone) less

I got a shiny new phone around Easter so have definitely not managed this one! 0/10


Total: 5.083/10

Just over half marks – not as good as last year but better than nothing! given that during this year we also had a baby and moved house I’m happy with that!

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