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#SourdoughSeptember Day 2

By now your starter should be bubbling away beautifully and loaves should already be popping out of the oven…NOT!
The beauty of sourdough bread is that it takes time. lots of time. not in the ‘spending hours fiddling in the kitchen’ kind of way but rather in the ‘an hour of work spread over several days’ kind of way.  As the old Grolsch advert put it (in a dodgy Dutch accent): “you can’t rush these things”.


Today’s task is to add another level scoop of flour and water and give it a good mix.  That’s it. And before you ask the bubbles in the picture are from mixing it vigorously.  There won’t be much noticeable fermentation going on at this stage, don’t worry, it will happen.


I mentioned yesterday that I plan to blog about a variety of bread/sourdough related things each day this month and I thought I’d whet your appetite (or put you off…) by letting you know a few of the things I’m thinking about doing. If you have any preferences/thoughts/ideas/corrections then do add them in the comments here or on Facebook/Twitter.
1) Book reviews – as you can see I have a few bread books and i thought I’d offer a few thoughts on some of these.
2) Articles – I’ll try and put together a few short articles on the history/science/theology of bread.
3) Songs – there are plenty of songs, particularly Folk songs, related to bread and I’ll see if I can sing a few and post them.
4) Poems – I hope to find and/or write a few bread-related poems.
4) Recipes – obviously there’s no point in any of this if we don’t actually make any bread! I’ve got lots of ideas for things I’d like to try this month including pizza, pita, naan, fougasse, croissants, prosphora, challah and a harvest loaf!
5) And of course we will track the progress of my lovely sourdough starter.
what do you think? Anything else you’d like to see?

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