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#SourdoughSeptember Day 6

Sorry, short post today because, you know, life.
So today we begin to head towards the first bake – exciting!


The starter is bubbling away nicely and its time to do a bit of maths while we figure out what we need to do.
Tomorrow we have friends coming for tea so instead of starting with a regular loaf we’re going to begin with pizza – yay!
To work out what we need to do we must start from our end product and work backwards.  We are aiming for a final dough which uses 1000g flour, 600g water and 20g salt (yes that is lots of pizza!). Before we get to that though we need to scale our starter up to what is often called a ‘Production Levain’ (levain simply being French for what we are calling our starter).
The way I tend to do this is make a mixture that is equal parts flour and water and which uses all the water in the recipe.  So in this case we would need 600g flour and 600g water.  However we need to keep a bit of the starter back for next time so I am adding an extra 50g of each and we will take out 100g of starter before we make up the final dough tomorrow.


So into our bowl goes:
540g starter (300g flour,240g water)
350g flour
410g water
Mix all this up in a big bowl (with plenty of room for it to grow), cover it and leave it overnight to get working.
Tomorrow we will take out 100g of starter, add the rest of the flour and the salt and turn this bowl of bubbling goodness into some yummy scrummy pizzas.  But tomorrow is another day…


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