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#SourdoughSeptember Day 10

There are many bits of equipment that you can get to aid you in your quest to bake the perfect loaf, from Peels and Panibois to Couches, Bannetons and Grignettes.  But as useful (and fun) as these may be, there is one bit of kit that, in my opinion, is absolutely essential to have in your baking arsenal and that is the humble dough scraper.


I first came across these handy bits of plastic when I went on a baking course at the School Of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire and now I can’t imagine baking without them.


So why are they useful?
Essentially they enable you to keep much greater control of the dough, especially when you are working with wet dough.  I use it for scraping the dough out of the bowl, for kneading the dough in the bowl, for dividing dough into pieces, for clearing up flour from the worktop, for scraping excess dough off my hands, for cutting and shaping flatbreads and probably a dozen other things that I don’t even think about!


You can get these for just a couple of pounds from a range of places, a quick Google search for ‘dough scraper’ will lead you to a whole bunch of sites where you can get them.  Probably the best site for baking equipment is Bakery Bits. There are various different designs and you may want to try a few to see what works best for you but they are so cheap and useful that having a few kicking around is never going to be a bad thing!


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