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#SourdoughSeptember Day 15

If you read yesterday’s post you well know that I had a loaf about ready to go in the oven when I had to go out so I shoved it in the fridge ready to bake this morning.


So this morning I got up at about 7, got the dough out of the fridge, turned the oven on high, left it for about 20 minutes to get nice and hot then put the bread in for about 40 minutes.


In case you were wondering the leaves on it are from our mint plant.  As you can see from the next picture it didn’t quite all go to plan as we had a bit of an explosion underneath (which ironically made it sit at quite a nice angle for the photos!).  This is probably due to me not shaping it tightly enough yesterday but I’ll happily blame the interruptions to the bake schedule instead!


We’re having lunch with friends later so I might try and add some pictures of the crumb (the inside as opposed to the outside crust) in a bit.
The bread was delicious! Proper chewy crust and a very nice flavour. It also meant that my tutor at college, who can’t eat yeast, was able to have some which was great.


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