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#SourdoughSeptember Day 22

If you ask any baker around how you should knead bread you will get a different answer.  Some knead in the bowl, some on a worktop, some are more forceful some are gentle, some flour the work surface, others oil it and others argue that you should go au naturel so that you don’t end up changing the fine balance of flour and liquid in the dough!

With that in mind, and recognising that you need to fine a technique that is both effective and that you can sustain for a good ten minutes or more when you knead to (see what I did there?!), here is a step by step guide to my kneading technique!

1) Tip the dough out onto a clean surface.  I prefer not to oil or flour it first as this technique makes use of the fact that the dough sticks to the surface

2) Use your dough scraper to shape the dough into a rough ball.

3) Put your left hand on the lower half of the dough (the part closest to you).

4) Use your right hand to stretch the dough away from you.

5) Fold or roll the stretched out dough back towards you with your right hand.

6) Use both hands to turn the dough 90°.

7)  Repeat steps 2-6, occasionally gathering the dough back together with the dough scraper when it gets too messy.

I find it is best to try and get into a rhythm when you are doing this by singing or listening to music.  Jazz works particularly well as you can see from this video!





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