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#SourdoughSeptember Day 28

I had big plans for today’s post but, as so often happens, my incompetence interfered!
Tomorrow we have our harvest service at church and my plan for today was to make an elegant and spectacular harvest loaf.  Unfortunately I’ve been having so much fun baking this month that I didn’t notice that my flour supply had almost run out!

Eventually I cobbled together enough dough from a mixture of French T55 flour, Italian 00 flour, English granary flour and Swiss dark flour – you could say that this is a truly continental bread!
I mixed up the dough after lunch (having spent the whole morning turning Charlie’s bedroom into a pirate ship!) but didn’t have chance to knead it.  It was half past eight before I got back to it so I gave it a good knead, split it into two bowls and I’ve put it into the fridge to prove overnight.


Looking back over the last month’s sourdough experiments I think this is what I have enjoyed most. 
It used to be that when I made bread with fresh yeast I would work out the timings in advance and have to stick reasonably closely to them in order to get the best out of the bread. 
With sourdough, although I have a rough idea of the timings it is far more resilient to the variability of life with two young children!
So tomorrow morning I shall get up and make the harvest loaf, complete with a superhero mouse for Charlie.  There’s something for you to look forward to!


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