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Sing For Joy – a choral anthem

One of my things to do in 2014 was to write a piece of music for the college choir to perform and, just one month into the year, I’ve done it!

Today was the academic awards ceremony (basically the graduation for last year’s students) and we performed the world premiere of ‘Sing For Joy’ by yours truly.  I’ve tried a couple of times to get a recording/video of us singing it but without any great success.  I doubt anyone filmed it this morning but if I do get hold of a copy I’ll link to it here.

You can download a pdf of the music here (feel free to use it, just let me know how it goes!)
‘Sing for Joy’ – Richard Clarkson

I always find performing at things like this a bit strange, I’ve been thinking about this song since well before Christmas and have spent hours writing, arranging and rehearsing it and it was all over in less than 2 minutes!  Ah well, such is life.  What shall we work on next?!


We have a video!

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