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#SeptemberSongs day 3 – Icarus

One of the reasons I love folk songs it’s that they tell such good stories.  I’ve got some brilliant story songs lined up for later in the month but this one is an intriguing song because it takes a familiar story and gives it a twist.

It was written by Anne Lister (more details) and tells the story of Icarus trying to fly to the sun from the perspective of his assistant.

“you were so clever with your hands, I could watch you for hours
With your glue and rubber bands, with your feathers, lace and flowers”

As a side note it is the first of these songs to refer to seagulls, which will become a surprisingly common image!

“like a seagull or a lark rising to the heavens,
Like an ember or a spark vanishing from the earth forever”

As with so many folk songs the final lines contain the philosophical sting in the tail which cast the whole story in a new light:

“as I watched your body fall I knew that really you had won
For your grave was not the earth, but the reflection of the sun”

It’s a fabulous song, I hope you enjoy it!

Lyrics: From memory
Takes: 1!

Download: 03 Icarus

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