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#SeptemberSongs day 5 – Abe Carman

Another Peter Bellamy song today (that man sure knew how to write a good tune!) from his Folk opera, The Transports. (More info)

I learned this from John Boden’s Folk song a day project but I cut out the second verse so that I could practice it around the boys!

This introduces another category of songs where the singer takes on a character (generally a dodgy character it seems…), again there are more of these to come with characters ranging from kings to pirates to, in this case, highwaymen.

There are some fabulous rhymes in this song, I particularly like

The boys who plough the ocean
Wish they’d never heard the notion
As commanders seek promotion
On a tide of sailors’ gore

Marvellous stuff, enjoy!

Lyrics: from memory (with a couple of hesitations, sorry!)
Takes: 1

Download: 05 Abe Carman

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  1. Oh I particularly Like this one today Rich! Great stuff!


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