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#SeptemberSongs Day 6 – The farmer’s boy

My parents’ church runs a monthly Open Mic night which has always had a fairly folky vibe to it.  a while ago we were visiting from Bristol and it happened to be the day it was on so I went along and signed up to perform but realised how few songs I actually knew by heart.  I noted some prompts on some paper and muddled through a set but it was embarrassing.

John Bell, from the Iona community, says that you should never try and teach a song that you can’t sing in the shower!  This is a pretty good litmus test for whether you really know a song, if you can sing it without any notes.

I decided when I got home from that Open Mic that I was going to learn some songs so I would never be in that position again.  This song was the first one that I learned.

It tells a good story with a happy ending (despite the inevitable mention of death!).  It also has a cracking tune which works brilliantly for ‘O little town of Bethlehem’ which I’ve included as a little out-of-season bonus track for you.


Lyrics: From memory
Takes: 1

Download: 06 The farmers boy

Bonus track:

Download: Bonus – O little town of Bethlehem


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