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#SeptemberSongs Day 7 – I cannot tell

The church has a long tradition of appropriating (and often misappropriating!) folk tunes to use in worship.  On Sundays this month I thought I’d try a few of the better examples and see how singing them in the context of their folk heritage rather than their use in worship affects them.

This first one is probably the most widely used of the ones I’m goint to do, with words by William Fullerton to the Londonderry Air (‘Danny Boy’ to the rest of us).  It’s hard not to sing this in a faux-operatic style but I tried to give it a more folky edge, I’ll let you judge whether it works!

Lyrics: I had the lyrics in front of me for this, sorry
Takes: 1 (I did wonder about having a second crack at it but time dictated otherwise)

Download: 07 I cannot tell


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