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#SeptemberSongs Day 10 – Northwest Passage

I wasn’t planning on doing this song until next week but I stumbled upon an article on the BBC news website which has made it rather more relevant!

The song, by Stan Rogers (wikipedia), is about the long search for a navigable sea passage through Canada to the Pacific.  This search went on for centuries and many ships were lost in the search.

One of the most famous was Sir John Franklin’s expedition of 1845 which disappeared sparking a huge search and rescue effort.  It was reported this week that one of Franklin’s ships has finally been discovered so I thought I’d bump this song up the order!

I learned this from Kimber’s Men who I first came across when they stayed with my parents during the Shrewsbury Folk Festival a few years ago.

It’s is certainly improved by adding harmonies, which Kimber  Men do so well, but I think it works pretty well solo too.


Lyrics: From memory
Takes: 1

Download: 10 Northwest Passage


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