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#SeptemberSongs Day 16 – Maryport

Another song I learned from Kimbers Men, this time written by them based on a poem by a Cumbrian fisherman.

Despite the beautiful melody it is an incredibly sad song, filled with the challenges faced by modern day fishermen.

Our quota’s been cut now, almost to nought
And they’ve sold all the fish long before they’ve been caught

It also contains some fantastically poetic lyrics:

With the state of the pound we are all run aground
And our hopes lie like nets in a heap

I learned this on a long summer bike ride along the river Avon.  I taped the lyrics to my handlebars and just sang it over and over for about 15km, by the time I got home I’d learned it all and whenever I sing it now I picture the boats bobbing in the harbours at Pill and Sea Mills as I cycle past.


Lyrics: From memory

Takes: 1

Download: 16 Maryport


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