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Joseph’s Tale – Christmas day 2014

I’ve always found Joseph a fascinating figure in the Christmas story.  He plays a vital role yet goes almost unnoticed a lot of the time.  Several years ago I wrote this song, trying to tell the story from his perspective, and this year I’m singing it as my Christmas Day “Sermon” at St Alkmunds.  Enjoy!

Download: Joseph’s Tale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joseph’s Tale

Hello, My name is Joe
I was a carpenter in Nazareth a long time ago
This is my story, it’s one that you might know.
You see Mary, my wife to be,
She got pregnant but the dad wasn’t me
So I planned to divorce her quietly
But then an angel appeared in my dream
He said “things aren’t quite what they seem
And I know it’s hard, I know it’s scary
But you’ve got to stick with Mary
This child is God’s own son
This has been God’s plan since time begun
And it won’t be easy, it’s gonna be tough
But God’s strength will be enough for you.”
So I went back to my wife
I said “I’ll stick with you for the rest of my life
This is God’s son, His name is Jesus Christ.
I don’t know what the neighbours will say
And our family will probably turn us away
but I know it’s gonna be okay.”
So we went on down to Bethlehem
And he was born in a manger in a stable and then
Word must have got out as to where we’d be cos
A bunch of shepherds came to see us
They told us that some angels had appeared in the sky
And told them ’bout the baby who was God on high
So they left their sheep in the fields and came
‘Cos to see God’s child would be enough for them.
Next on the scene came three wise men
Bringing gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense
Then they told us what these presents meant
Gold for a king who will reign on high
Incense for a priest who will glorify the Lord
And myrrh for the death he is going to die
Then all our guests went their separate ways
But the king heard the word and he went a bit crazy
and killed all the boys below the age of three but
We managed to escape and we went to Egypt
As time went on my boy grew strong
He had a black and white view of what was right and wrong
He didn’t mind when times got tough
Because God’s word was always enough
Then one day the pharisees got fed up
They nailed my boy to a wooden cross
And they left him there and they watched him die
But three days later he was up and alive
And he wants us to give him our hearts and lives
For the promise of the glory of eternal life
He doesn’t say it’s easy, no it’s going to be tough
But if we follow Him He’ll be enough for us.


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