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2015 list – review

Each year for the last few years I’ve written a list of things I want to try and do/learn/achieve during the coming year which is always an interesting exercise!

This post will be a look back at last year’s list, I’ll aim to post next year’s list tomorrow.


1) get priested

2) get (and learn to play) a concertina
I got my lovely Lachenal Crane Duet concertina back in May and have begun to get the hang of playing it (in the keys of F & C at least!).

3) do a daily blog in September
Fail! I’ve done a couple of interesting September blog projects before but it just didn’t happen this year.

4) go to at least one folk session a month
I’ve been going regularly to both the Wheatsheaf in No-Mans-Heath and The Black Bear in Whitchurch and thoroughly enjoy it!

5) go on a 50 mile bike ride
I didn’t manage a 50 miler but did go on a few 50km+ rides and now that I have a new bike (which actually fits!) I plan on doing some longer rides next year.

6) enter a poetry competition
Fail. I didn’t even write any poems!

7) perform at Blackberry fair
I had a lot of fun back in October busking around Whitchurch during the Blackberry fair.

8) go on a family microadventure each half term
We started well with an overnight campout in the garden back in the spring but we didn’t manage any other ‘proper’ microadventures.

9) carve a wooden spoon
I started a few but haven’t finished any. I did carve a few crochet hooks for Lucie though which was fun.

10) engage with local events around the General Election
I helped organise and run the election hustings in Whitchurch which was a very interesting experience (although the mood and debate on the night seemed to have no bearing on the landslide victory for the sitting MP!

11) increase my folk song repertoire to 60 songs
I’ve just learned my 61st folk song (King John And The Bishop)

12) watch a meteor shower
I lay out in the garden watching the perseid meteor shower earlier in the year although i went back inside just before a big flurry!

Overall rating:
I managed to do 7 and sort of do a couple of others which is about normal so I’m very happy with that I what has been a fairly busy year.


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  1. That’s well over half! All the very best for 2016.


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