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2016 list

As I mentioned yesterday, each year for the last few I’ve written a list of things I’d like to try and do/learn/achieve over the coming year. If nothing else it’s interesting to see how my interests change from year to year. So here is my list for 2016, enjoy!
1) Cycle to clergy conference in April (100km)
In looking for a good cycling challenge for the year I realised that it would be pretty much exactly 100km to cycle to the clergy conference in April. That’s further them I’ve done in a day before (most is about 70km) but I’ve got a few months to work up to it and a nice new bike to do it on. Plus the ride goes through the Peak District – my favourite place in the world!

2) Try bellringing
I’ve been meaning to go along to bellringing practice at Church for ages – this year I’m definitely going to do it!

3) Make (and blog) a Lego animal every day for a month
Lego + animals – what’s not to like?!

4) Bake 3 new kinds of bread from Richard Bertinet’s book
I haven’t set myself a bready challenge for a few years but got this book for Christmas so it seems like a good chance to try some new techniques.

5) Learn to play in D & G on the concertina
I’ve got the hang of playing in C and F (which are the native keys for my concertina) but D & G are more useful keys to be fluent in if I’m playing with other people so that’s what I’ll work on this year.

6) Translate the whole of a new testament book
My Greek translation dropped off a bit in 2015 so I’m going to try and make more of an effort with it this year – starting with translating a whole book (albeit probably one of the shorter ones!)

7) Get an article on Mossy Church published somewhere
Despite receiving a few requests I’ve sort of avoided talking too widely about Mossy Church because we’ve still been trying to figure it out ourselves. This year I will be a bit more proactive in doing that because, even if it’s not working how we had anticipated it, I’m convinced that the idea is a good one.

8) Decide on a dissertation title!
Having spent the last year and a half with numerous dissertation ideas (something to do with environmental theology) rattling around my head, this year I actually have to decide and start writing.

9) Give up chocolate for Lent
I’ve always said this is something I could never do which seems as good a reason as any to try and do it (so you may wish to avoid me during February and March…)

10) Carve a wooden spoon
Yeah I know this has been unsuccessfully on the list for the last few years but I still want to do it!

11) Write a tune for the Gloria
We’ve tried learning a couple of new tunes to the Gloria at Church and they’ve not gone down all that well. I have never heard one that I really like but I do like the idea of singing it so I thought a good way of getting to understand its challenges would be to try and write my own tune.

12) Write at least 2 songs
I’ve been doing a bit more singing and performing since moving to Whitchurch and have been revisiting some of my old songs. This has made me realise how long it is since I wrote any songs (apart from a few arrangements for the choir at Trinity) do I’m going to try and do a bit more this year.

So there we go – that my list for the coming year, what’s yours?


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