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“Gradually, we are beginning to understand the myriad ways in which both Christians and non-Christians improvise their spiritualities, drawing freely and eclectically upon a range of spiritual traditions, often with relatively little attention to the way in which the established traditions set the terms of belief. Concern has grown over what some see as a tendency toward the erosion of coherent belief and practice capable of being transmitted from one generation to the next.

However, these developments surely signal something else, which is undeniably positive and creative: the desire to discover spiritual meaning in spite of the perceived inability of established religious traditions to provide it. It suggests a vitality and elasticity to the human capacity for transcendence which must, after all, lie at the very root of any meaningful understanding of spirituality.”

Douglas Burton-Christie, ‘Nature’ in The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality (edited by Arthur Holder, 2005) p.480

I love this quote and think it might form the basis of my MA dissertation – how can things like Mossy Church help the established church re-engage with nature as a source of spiritual inspiration? (Or something along those lines!)

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