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Holy hill

This poem was written for an IME assignment in which I was reflecting on the role of St Alkmund’s church within the town of Whitchurch.  It is based on Isaiah 2:3-5 and I was struck by the image of people streaming up the mountain of the Lord, and the parallel with St Alkmund’s which sits at the highest point of the town.stas

~ ~ ~

Come let us ascend this holy hill,
direct our feet towards the house of God.
We walk where countless saints before have trod
and, in years to come, yet more saints will
discover whence the living waters flow.
Unsteady feet for some, uncertain minds
for others yet all come to seek, to find,
to pray, to learn, to reconcile, to grow.
Come, turn your gaze past scaffold and boutiques,
past market stalls and shops and chained up bikes,
past memories and future fears alike
for, in this moment, Christ alone we seek.
And in the shadows of this holy place,
within these well worn stones we glimpse his face.



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