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If a pacifist identifies fifty different rifles

If a squiffy drifter sniffs a whiff of aperitif

If an aquifer calcifies manifold cuneiform artifacts

If a shifty grifter testifies to terrifying a housewife

If a sheriff in midlife swiftly modifies his lifestyle

If a scientific lowlife recodifies conifer diffusion

The ramifications will be terrific! 

© Richard Clarkson, July 2016

*  *  *


P.S.  This poem was written in response to a suggestion by my friend Naomi who sent this splendiferous response:

That was a trifle different – a justified objectification (and glorification) of ‘if’ which was uplifting. Significantly gifted, you neither crucify not oversimplify the specific word that is rife throughout. A nifty and magnificent motif!

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