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Throughout September 2013 I blogged daily about all sorts of bread-related things.

This page is an index of all the posts (as much for my benefit as anyone else’s!).


Day 1:  In which I spontaneously commit to writing more posts in a month than I ever have in a year before and so a sourdough starter is born.

Day 2: In which I suggest some things that I would like to blog about this month.

Day 3: In which I quote Andrew Whitley and tell you to relax!

Day 4: In which I quote Mary Shelley and try to explain what is going on inside the sourdough starter.

Day 5: In which I attempt to de-mystify Baker’s Percentages and show you lots of lovely hot cross buns.

Day 6: In which I prepare for the first bake day.

Day 7: In which I live blog bake day and make pizzas.

Day 8: In which I reflect on a poem written by a friend of ours, Gerard Kelly.

Day 9: In which I review the River Cottage Bread Handbook.

Day 10: In which I sing the praises of the humble dough scraper.

Day 11: In which I review the Bourke Street Bakery Book.

Day 12: In which I tell, in rhythm and in rhyme, of tasting sourdough for the first time.

Day 13: In which I update you on the progress of our starter.

Day 14: In which life interrupts bake day.

Day 15: In which I rescue yesterday’s disaster and make a very tasty loaf.

Day 16: In which I explore lots of different types of flour.

Day 17: In which I give you a handy tip about baking stones and explain the concept of ‘oven spring’.

Day 18: In which I point you towards a few helpful websites.

Day 19: In which I make Fougasse (and Lucie pretends to be The Silence).

Day 20: In which I ponder the nature of time.

Day 21: In which I look at the different ways of making bread rise.

Day 22: In which I talk about kneading (and its relationship to Jazz music).

Day 23: In which I use Bannetons to make my loaves look more professional.

Day 24: In which I retell a very old story.

Day 25: In which I look at water and its alternatives.

Day 26: In which I bake Prosphora.

Day 27: In which I run a baking workshop for a group of children and narrowly avoid disaster!

Day 28: In which a planned bake day is interrupted yet again.

Day 29: In which I bake a traditional harvest loaf.

Day 30: In which I reflect on the events of the past month.


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